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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was renewable green energy available 24/7 not only when the sun shines or the wind blows?

Oh, there is one: geothermal energy!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be cheap resources already available without drilling new holes to access this geothermal energy?

Oh, they are there: unused oil and gas wells are abandoned regularly because they do not produce enough hydrocarbons anymore!

What do we do?

We “recycle” these old oil or gas wells and convert them into clean geothermal energy wells – we clean up the mess, shut off hydrocarbons completely and produce from the leftovers of the oil industry green clean renewable energy!

That’s us: greenwell!

Who are we?

greenwell is a start-up ideated in 2017 by two former oil industry members with a green soul and complementary skills – one with a background in petroleum engineering, the other in environmental engineering. The team was rounded out by an international marketing expert and lean startup enthusiast  and incorporated in 2018.

Why are we doing this?

Because it makes sense! Several thousand-meter-deep holes cost millions of Euros to drill! The oil industry has already spent this money to search and produce fossil energy. Now – after these wells have dried up – they have to be properly abandoned so that these wells do not produce any risk to the next generations. As technically the conversion to a geothermal well costs only a little more than the abandonment – it makes sense to do that!

But because the wells cannot be moved the tricky part is to find use for the energy where it is!

We do precisely that! We take over the wells from the former owners, we clean them up completely and convert them into geothermal energy sources. But we also build useable installations – for example greenhouses – next to the wells and rent them to our customers.

Need Heat? Contact:

Werner Donke
phone: +43 660 2636730
email: werner.donke@greenwell.energy

Robert Philipp
phone: +43 664 1824375
email: robert.philipp@greenwell.energy

Asetila Köstinger
phone: +43 664 2370332
email: asetila.koestinger@greenwell.energy

green heat from nature

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